A visit with Uncle Raymond.  That’s the barn down by the road.  The house is hidden in the trees on the other side of the road.  From Katherine, “ I imagine Dad had the gun with to shoot woodchucks. They were a menace in the pastures. Their holes could trip up a cow & she'd break a leg.”

Again, from Katherine, “... it's TY & Dad tying the wires on the bales of hay! That old baler was SO much work. I remember a time I had to drive the tractor & was scared to death! Dad put it in gear & I only had to steer.”

Now, here are two guys who have no clue about farm implements.  Me and Uncle Raymond.  (I don’t think Uncle Raymond ever had a driver’s license).

The dogs on the farm were working dogs.  Arnold would give a command and the dogs would be off at a hundred miles an hour to go bring the cows to the barn for milking.  The dogs were very friendly and calm; probably because they were tired from chasing cows.

From Katherine, “The group pic on the lawn has a foster boy Harry Pearsall & visitors from Brooklyn. Oline Matteson, her daughter Myrna & Mother-in-law whose name I don't remember. The dog is Peggy!  Mom & Dad are SO YOUNG!!”