As a kid, I was pretty intrigued with the animals.  I recall that horse was HUGE!

Arnold used the horses as draft animals.

I was pretty interested in tractors too.  I must have been pretty dirty by the end of the day.

Arnold must have loved his job.

Right:  Me, Mom, Katherine, foster girl, Nancy; cooling off on a hot day.

Below:  Don’t know, Alice, Me, Ty, another don’t know.  And a bunch of heifers.

Arnold and Astrid took in a lot of foster kids at varying times.  A farm is a pretty good place to raise kids.

Raymond was a school teacher in Norway and would take a job on a ship during the summer to make a bit of money and to get a free ride to see his brothers.  Left: Walter, Arnold, and Raymond.

Above:  Me, Nancy, and Alice.  I had to be told the corn was for the cows, not people.

Must be Thanksgiving; that’s a turkey about to be carved.