Sometime in the spring of 2014, Lynn said she was planning a trip to Tucson.  Really!

As is often the case with her crazy ideas, it turned out to be a good one!

So what’s the big deal with driving to Tucson?

Nineteen hours plus??  Piece of cake!  Four days at 5 hours per day.

Below a view of Interstate 5 from a rest area.  I-5 goes on FOREVER!  Get used to it.

The trip takes 4 days; that means three overnight stops.  First at Redding, CA, second at some other place in California (it’s a long state), and the final overnight at Blythe, CA, before the final dash to Tucson.  

We had actually done this trip back in July of 1999 when we had time to kill before our house was ready.

This time we went in April so things were a bit cooler.

Blythe, California in July, 1999.

Blythe, California in April, 2014.  Early morning in the 70’s.

Rest area not far from Tucson.  That sun is strong and the air is clear.

2014 Southwest Tour