This is the note that’s in the front of the album.

And so we begin the album.  I’ve included most of the pages.  All the notes that accompany the images were originally typed and pasted in by my father.

In 1954, I went on a trip with my dad to England and Norway.

He worked for Pan American Airways and was doing what they called a “route check”.  So he was on business.

I was thirteen and went along probably for the purpose of meeting my Norwegian relatives.

Dad was always taking pictures and when we came home, he put together this album.

Looking at it now is especially interesting; Pan Am was still flying aircraft with propellers. And they had to refuel to make the entire transatlantic trip.  JFK airport was known as Idlewild.  It wasn’t renamed until 1963.

Prior to leaving on this trip, I was schooled in the Norwegian language: I learned to say, “Jeg snakker ikke Norsk.”  Or “I speak no Norwegian.”

All the family in Norway spoke English of course, although my cousins, Elfi and Randi, didn’t want to try.  I’m sure they understood everything that was said in English though.

My first European trip